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Macaron Color 3D Wall Panels With Double-sided Tape (12in x 12in, 10pcs) [Wave] [Green]

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VARIOUS COLOR OPTIONS - We offer different color choices for more design possibilities. If you’d like to create your own color combination, try other colors as well.
ADORABLE MACARON COLORS - These dreamy macaron colors are best choices for children’s bedrooms, living rooms, or special occasions like party decoration
ALL YOU NEED IS PEEL & STICK - Each panels are backed with double-sided tape that is easy to apply and saves your time on installation
DESIGN YOUR PATTERN - You can start with basic checker patterns, or design a unique pattern of your own
BUDGET FRIENDLY HOME REFORM - You can achieve a high quality wall decor quick and fast with just a small budget


Size: 12 in x 12in
Packaging: 10 pcs/box (Green: 10pcs), covers 10 sqft
Application: Double-sided tape
Material: PVC
Suggested Color Combination:
2 Colors: Apple Green + Cream White
3 Colors: Apple Green + Cherry Blossom (Pink) + Cream White


Macaron 3D

Decorate Your Home with Adorable Colors of Macaron

Choose Your Favorites
Who can resist these dreamy pastel colors look just like macarons?
Choose your favorite colors and start a DIY project.

A Fun DIY Project For Adults & Children
Since the installation is really simple, why not make it a family weekend activity?
Share your best ideas with your family and friends!


Macaron 3D

Children’s Room
Turn your children’s bedroom into a dreamy wonderland with soothing macaron colors.
Wall Art
Create a unique piece of wall art with various color options and patterns.
Party Decoration
Hold a macaron themed party and awe your guests!



  • Please keep the products away from heat, such as using them as a kitchen backsplash.
  • Please be aware that the surfaces/painting of the panels might be damaged due to severe collision or scratch.