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Installation Tips For Wallpaper

1.Tools You Might Need:

  • Box cutter / scissors
  • Ruler / measuring tape
  • Wallpaper smoothing tool (*Recommended)
  • Level (*if needed)
  • Heat gun (*if needed)


2.Installation Tips:

(1) Before you begin your project:

  • Measure your wall or surfaces and decide how many coverage is required for the project. If you need a huge coverage, please purchase more quantity at once to avoid color difference.
  • Make sure the wall is smooth, clean, and dry. If your applying the wall paper to a freshly painted wall, make sure to let paint fully dry and cure for a few days.
  • When measuring the size of wallpaper, we recommend leaving out 1~2 inches at the end for better results, especially projects that includes corners. You can trim the excess part with a box cutter afterwards if needed.


(2) During Installation:


For Walls

  • If you’re hanging the wallpaper horizontally, make sure you have someone to help you hold the other end of the paper.
  • Start hanging the wallpaper from the top corner of your wall. Keep the wallpaper straight while you slowly peel off the backing paper.
  • Make sure not to overlap the wallpapers
  • Use a wallpaper smoothing tool to smooth out air bubbles and creases without tearing or marking the wallpaper. A plastic card or a piece of soft cloth may work as well.
  • Cut off the excessive part with a box cutter.


For Cabinet doors / bookshelves / kitchen countertops...etc

  • If the surface is not completely flat (ex. kitchen cabinet doors), try heating up it up with a heat gun to make it softer, which is easier for shaping.
  • Wrap the wallpaper around the corner of the object. Then, cut off the excessive part with a box cutter.


*Note: Slight odor is normal. The smell will disappear if you let the wallpaper sit for several days.