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Installation Tips For WALL PUZZLE

 Here is a quick installation tutorial for Wall Puzzle!


STEP 1: Size up your wall
    Decide the area for your design


    STEP 2: Layout the Adhesive Tape
      1. Apply your first adhesive tape to the edge of the wall.
      (For stronger adhesion, a stapler is recommended)


        2. The spacing between each tape should be 18.5 in
        (While the first spacing should be 17.9 in )



          STEP 3: Apply the product to the wall
            1. Apply the panels from the edge of the wall.
            2. Please be aware that each tape should be attached to the sides of two panels.
            3. Please make sure that there are no gaps between the panels.



            Please be careful that the edges of the products could be a little sharp.
            Pick up the panel slowly and let your imagination begin! 


            If you have any question, please contact our customer service:

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