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Color Chart & Styles

MagicWood comes in 4 patterns, 8 colors.
Here's a quick guide to help you pick the one that matches your project.

STEP 1: Choose your style

    Barn Wood - Classic, country, rustic...

    Ordinary Drift Wood - Rustic, rough, vintage...

    Rought Drift Wood - Nautical, weathered...

    Flexible - Country, creative...

    STEP 2: Choose your color

    • Grey: Grey/Dark Grey/Whitish Grey
    • Brown: Cedar Chest/Reddish Brown/Paprika Red Wood
    • Green: Staghorn Sumac
    • Muli-color: Rustic Paint (Grey+Dark Grey+Brown)

    STEP 3: Color Combinations

    1. Grey + Dark Grey + Whitish Grey

    2. Whitish Grey + Rustic Paint

    3. Cedar Chest(Brown) + Reddish Brown


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