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5 Small Changes That Make A Big Impact At Home

It’s hard to resist the allure of a full blown makeover. However, an entire makeover often requires a huge amount of time, budget, and professional skills. In fact, you can freshen up your home with simple changes that won’t cost you too much time and money.

1. Change the light fixtures : Lighting has huge impact on the mood and style of your home. Replace it with chic pendant light or a modern chandelier.


2. Add some greenery to your decor : Plants can not only add texture to your design, it also purifies the air in your home.



3. Layer the floor with some rugs : Layering the floor with rugs to add more colors and style to the room.



4. Add Window Treatments : Adding simple curtain panels or a Roman shade can completely dress-up a room and add warmth.



5. Change your wall decor : Freshen up your wall by adding artworks or patterned wall panels.



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