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Wall Puzzle - 3D Decorative Panels with Double-Sided Tape - Ocean Wave (12pcs, 32sqft)

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  • DIY MATERIAL FOR STARTERS - Installation is really simple, everyone can do it. Apply these panels with double-sided tape in just a few hours!
  • FROM SMALL PROJECTS TO HOME REFORM - Decorate your bedroom headboard, living room TV walls, feature walls, ceilings...etc
  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Made from PVC material, it’s waterproof, light-weight, and is easy to clean
  • ADD AN EXTRA TOUCH TO YOUR DESIGN - Paintable surfaces that allows you to show your own personality. Metallic spray paint is recommended.
  • SIZE & COVERAGE - Each piece of panel is 19.7” x 19.7”; Each box comes with 12 pieces, covering 32 sqft


Achieve a high-end design with 3D wall panels

Wall Puzzle by Urban Decor features a collection of wall panels in beautiful 3D patterns.

These panels can be applied to many home styles, including Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist...etc.

  • Size: 19.7" x 19.7"
  • Packaging: 12pcs/box, covers 32 sqft
  • Application: Double-sided Tape / *Optional: Velcro Tape (Hook-and-loop System)
  • Material: PVC (Water-proof, light-weight, and is easy to clean)
  • Style: Ocean Wave


Hassle-free Installation

Hassle-free Installation

Home reform doesn't always have to be labor-intensive. To make the installation easier, we recommend applying the panels with double-sided tape (*included in the package) -- all you need is cut, peel and stick!
*Velcro tape is also available for replaceable design


Magic Tape( Reusable ) Installation

* Bundle with Double-Sided Tape

  • Usage & Features: For temporary construction / Arrangeable
  • Adhesive Application: Magic Tape (Reusable)
  • Additional Requirements: Staple the tape to the wall if needed
  • Pcs / Sqft: 12 panels, 32sqft
  • Size: 19.7" x 19.7"
  • Color: White(Matte)
  • Style: Ocean Wave 

Add An Extra Touch To Your Design: Spray Paint

Add An Extra Touch To Your Design

If you'd like to challenge yourself with unique designs, consider spray-painting the panels into different colors

  • Metallic spray paint is highly recommended (*Spray paint not included in the package)
  • Make sure the spray paint on the panel is dry before installation

For advanced home reformer -- add extra lighting to your room, including overhead, accent and task light
*Make sure to plan the lighting before installation