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Wall Puzzle - 3D Decorative Panels with Magic Tape - Modern Square (12pcs, 32sqft)

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    • BE UNIQUE, BE CREATIVE - Paintable surfaces that allows you to show your own personality. Arrange your wall design anytime you like, just like playing puzzles
    • NO DAMAGE TO YOUR WALL - The panels not only stay on the wall perfectly, but are also removable
    • AUTHENTIC IN APPEARANCE - Unique, elegant and contemporary designs that will make a lasting impression
    • EASY PEEL & STICK APPLICATION - The special adhesive design makes the installation quicker and easier
    • STRONG AND DURABLE - Waterproof, light-weight, cleanable material


      • Usage & Features: For temporary construction / Arrangable
      • Adhesive Application: Magic Tape (Reusable)
      • Additional Requirements: Staple the tape to the wall if needed
      • Pcs / Sqft: 12 panels, 32sqft
      • Size: 19.7" x 19.7"
      • Color: White(Matte)
      • Style: Modern Square